Pensions & Retirement Planning 

Our team is accomplished at presenting complex information in a clear and informative manner to clients and pensions are no exception.

Changes to pension legislation have resulted in more options and decisions for people working towards and in retirement than ever before.

The sheer volume of information now available at your fingertips about pension options and advice can be quite daunting with many people not always fully understanding all the rules, nor quite wanting to know chapter and verse, just the best option for them.

Our team knows all there is to about Pensions, the old rules, the new rules, and the best option for you. Whether you have one pension or several, final salary pension schemes, an NHS Pension, or are facing significant decisions on whether to transfer a pension, we can help.

You may be facing change in your life through either divorce or redundancy and need to know the best option on what to do with your pension. There is now the option to pass on wealth via your pension as part of your estate planning.

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Retirement Planning

Life after work.

We are all living longer and many people are choosing to work – full- or part-time – well past what has traditionally been considered retirement age. Others want to reap what they have sown during their working lives and retire early.

Whatever your aim, comprehensive financial planning is required to reach financial independence – that is, the day you are able to hang up your hat while being able to afford your desired lifestyle.

Whether your own retirement is far off in the distance or perhaps closer on the horizon, our team can help plan and identify exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your aims and dreams.