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What is Financial Planning?


Financial planning helps you to fulfil your full financial promise.

By considering your current circumstances and financial goals, a financial planner’s job is to guide clients in the financial decisions and commitments they should be making to achieve their goals.

What is Financial Planning?

It encompasses many different areas and approaches, depending on each client’s unique circumstances. We can advise you on various aspects of finance, including but not limited to:

Why is it Important?

Though there is no disputing that there’s more to life than money, we are equally sure that achieving financial milestones for the things that matter requires planning and dedication.

Whether you are considering moving to your dream home, planning a pension that allows you to retire early, providing financial assistance to your children or grandchildren as they make their way in the world, setting up your own business or any number of other reasons, financial planning is all about pinpointing what is important to you and planning your finances to achieve your aspirations.

When should you start?

We believe that good financial planning benefits everyone, no matter their stage of life.

The best time to start is when you have financial goals you want to achieve, and we can help you plan how to make them happen.

What is the Process?

We follow a six-step process from when you first get in touch with us through to developing an ongoing relationship based on trust.

Our mission throughout this process is to effectively match your finances to your goals so that you can have a much clearer view of where you are going in life. We want you to feel in control and have peace of mind, so we take the stress out of planning your wealth and give you the knowledge you need about how your money will be invested.

Financial Planning Fees

Your first appointment with a financial planner is free of charge. During this consultation, we will look to establish your financial goals and help you decide how financial planning can help you achieve these.

Our fees will depend on the services provided. However, we make this clear from the very first meeting. We are always transparent, and we will not carry out work that you have not fully agreed to.

If you want to start working toward your financial goals, contact us to consult with one of our financial planners.