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Sandy Robertson

Managing Director


I have always felt that the very essence of Financial Planning is carefully guiding our clients from A to B with complete financial safety. Over the years, we have built a successful business guiding our clients from A to B. This could be transitioning from a career to a life beyond work or, perhaps downsizing in order to raise capital to assist children get on the property ladder. There are an infinite number of A’s and B’s and that alone ensure no two planning days are ever the same. With sophisticated financial modelling and good old fashioned interpretation, we enable our clients to see for themselves the financial direction their plans may take and look at ways of doing that safely.

We are very fortunate to be privately owned and completely independent of investment houses and financial institutions. So having no masters, we have the luxury of being totally impartial. We can therefore afford to put our clients’ interests first, implementing that philosophy through a professional relationship that lasts for many years.