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Andrea Skea

Business Support Co-ordinator


Joining the team in 2003, Andrea has been co-ordinating the business support team in our Aberdeen office for over 18 years.

Andrea, a former administrator for a stockbroking firm, moved on from this role after 12 years and found a new position to challenge her within our team.

Andrea is an avid music fan with eclectic tastes. She attends a diverse range of concerts from metal, rock and alternative to classical and opera, trying to fit in as many as possible during the year.

What do you like most about working at Acumen Financial Planning?

“Most days bring new challenges and learning opportunities. Over the years, I have been involved in various aspects of the firm as we were growing, but now I have specific responsibilities for management figures and IT.”

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

“Being asked to be part of the small due diligence team by the Board when we started to look at companies who could join what is now The Financial Planning Group (our parent company). Being sent out as a representative of Acumen Financial Planning to vet potential future partners was an honour and a lot of responsibility.”

Tell us one thing that people would be surprised to find out about you.

“Over the years, I have taught myself to write some complex Excel formulas and even VBA coding to automate some of my routine tasks. It turns out I am a bit of a geek when I get stuck into writing formulas and codes.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Ask lots of questions and watch what your colleagues and other experts are doing well and learn from them – it’s the best way to pick up new skills.”