Our Clients 

Selecting a financial planning service is about people, relationships and trust.

Our clients form a broad spectrum of individuals, couples and families who have or continue to work within the medical and legal, education, oil and gas sectors. Many of whom hold senior positions within their chosen profession, are contractors or business owners.

While our clients’ plans and requirements are unique to them, they all share a need for independent financial expertise.

In order to maintain and improve our services, we often ask for feedback. Hear from one of our clients:

“My initial thoughts on financial planning were minimal to non-existent. It was always easy to say “I’ll think about that next month / next year” and then never doing anything about it. AFP were quickly able to assess my current financial situation and provide an accurate and detailed overview of the options available to me including pulling together my already accumulated pensions into the one pension “pot”.

The process with AFP was very straight forward. I now contribute to my pension on a monthly basis with a “top-up” typically made at the end of each financial year, ensuring I maximise the tax efficient payment made into my pension. AFP provide me with a quarterly statement / update on how my pension is performing with an annual face to face meeting taking place to catch up on any personal developments that have taken place over the course of the year.

Having now been involved with financial planning for nearly 4 years, AFP has helped me to establish and understand my financial goals. Many of my friends and colleagues put off the task of financial planning and dismiss it as not being relevant due to their relatively young age, however the sooner you start financial planning and working towards an “end goal” the more manageable, and in many ways achievable, the task becomes. It’s a process I have, and will continue to encourage others to undertake whenever the topic comes up in discussion.”

- John Fowler, October 2021