Workplace pensions

As part of Automatic Enrolment, an important employer responsibility is to source and select an appropriate, qualifying, workplace pension to match the profile of the business and workforce. With pension legislation ever evolving, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a future-proofed and complaint workplace pension scheme in place.

In line with legislation passed by the former coalition government, April 2016 was the final date by which providers of group pension schemes must cease paying legacy commissions to advisers. As a result business owners now have to consider the fees from pension providers and factor this into the overall costs of workplace pensions.

Our corporate team has extensive knowledge on Automatic Enrolment and workplace pensions, and are available to assist your business whether as a one-off consultation or on-going support. For more details contact our corporate team today.


Pension Myths

If I die young, my pension dies with me....

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